Speech For Opening Of Boots Local In East Belfast


Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great pleasure for me to be invited to the opening of this new Boots chemist in the heart of my East Belfast constituency. 

Traditionally a pharmacy has formed an important part of the backbone of a local community; and over generations Boots pharmacies have provided professional and indispensable services to entire communities. 

This new Boots pharmacy will take this service to a new level, providing the people of East Belfast with an extensive new range of products alongside the existing household and convenience lifestyle goods and traditional pharmacy services. 

The aim of this new Boots pharmacy reinforces Boots’ commitment to improving the healthcare services available to the wider East Belfast population.

This new pharmacy also boasts a provision under the Minor Ailments Scheme, a government scheme which allows pharmacists to write pharmacy vouchers for specific conditions from a dedicated formulary. 

These ailments range from coughs and colds to head lice, one ailment I think you will notice I will not be suffering from in the future. 

It allows those who are entitled to free health care to receive a free consultation with the pharmacist and receive medication for the specified condition.  This benefits the public by freeing local GPs from taking up valuable time writing scripts for minor conditions and also allows the patient a dedicated consultation.

Many people are not aware of this service being available and I would encourage all those who are entitled to take advantage of this service.

We have also witnessed a great deal of modernisation within the pharmacy, with the installation of a proper consultation room, which will make local care much more convenient to the neighbourhood.  This will provide people with a reliable and accessible alternative to the doctor’s surgery.

Health care is a top priority to all public representatives and this pharmacy will prove to be a real asset to the whole East Belfast community.

I would once again like to thank Boots UK for giving me the opportunity to welcome this fabulous new pharmacy to East Belfast.  It will be a real asset to the East Belfast people and I am sure it will be a great success.

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.