Support Older People To Enjoy Full Life

I spent Election Day at the polling station in East Belfast’s Clarawood Estate; it was a humbling experience. I saw the determination of many older people who were convicted of their right and duty to vote. A number, making use of a walking aid, arrived at the polling station breathless, others in wheelchairs and in particular one partially sighted lady who with great strength of mind used street furniture to help navigate the route to put her cross on the ballot paper. In many, many ways our MPs owe a debt of gratitude to our older generations. In general our society benefits greatly from a healthy, socially active older generation that feels respected, safe and is treated equally. Therefore, supporting older people in their pension allowances and social benefits makes good sense and should be a priority for all those sitting on Westminster’s green benches. All of Northern Ireland’s MPs should bear this in mind as they enter the House of Commons for the new mandate.