Flood Allievation Scheme: Newton Calls For Continual Contact With Residents


ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA has welcomed the flood alleviation work at Clara Park due to start in June and finish in February 2016. It is likely the first stage of the work will start with the construction of temporary roadways and pedestrian pathways.

Robin Newton said,

“In welcoming this necessary project it is important Rivers Agency recognises the importance of keeping residents up-to-date over the scheme’s duration. People living in Clara Park and Sandhill Parade have experienced a number of flooding incidents with Clara Park residents and those in adjacent bungalows having been being flooded out of their homes. This scheme is designed to address the causes of the flooding and to protect homes.

The necessary construction work, the noisy sheet piling and the construction of short-term car access and pedestrian walkways is going to cause residents inconvenience. However, this short-term nuisance should be set against the longer term gains and the safety of residents and their homes.

I welcome the intentions of DARD Rivers Agency to brief residents on Thursday 28th May in the Clarawood Community Church. However, I am calling on Rivers Agency not to regard their consultation starting and finishing with just one meeting. Experience confirms the need to continually update residents over the nine months the scheme if the inconvenience to those affected by the work is to be kept to a minimum.”