East Belfast Somme Commemoration Parade Deserves Respect


East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has expressed his hopes that No 6 District Orange Order Somme Commemoration Parade on the 1st of July will be free from controversy or dispute. Mr Newton said,

“Every year since 1917, Ballymacarret District LOL No 6 has commemorated the sacrifice made by the 36th Ulster Division at the Battle of the Somme. The parade and the dignified wreath laying remembrance ceremony means a great deal to many, many families across Northern Ireland and none more so than in the east of the city.

The commemoration to mark the noble manner in which young men fought and died should receive the respect it deserves.
Those who would seek to tarnish or besmirch this act of remembrance should think about the husbands and sons who made the ultimate sacrifice or suffered the awful injuries of war.
As the parade forms up to yet again to mark the Battle of the Somme I trust it will be allowed to pass peacefully. Those who may protest need to reflect and give consideration to the purpose of the annual parade.”