Drug Dealers' Luxury Yacht Proceeds Should Support Addiction Services


East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton, a member of the Policing Board, has welcomed the sale of the yacht used by evil drug dealers in an attempt to smuggle £150 million of cocaine into the Republic of Ireland. When sold the proceeds should be used to fund those organisations that deal with the victims and addicts whose lives the ruthless drug dealers have destroyed.

Robin Newton said,

“This luxury yacht, the Makayabella, is an indication of the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by those who without a sense of right and wrong engage in the evil drug dealing business. There can be no doubt the illegal drugs cargo would have crossed the border to be sold in Northern Ireland.

I am pleased the yacht is being put up for sale. It is gratifying to know those who made huge profits from dealing in illegal drugs will no longer have this luxurious item to enjoy.

These drug merchants deserve a long custodial sentence for the harm they would have caused to families on both sides of the border.

It would be some sort of justice that the proceeds of the sale would go a little way to help individuals and families get away from a dependency on drugs.”