Older People Need To Feel Safe In Their Homes


ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA, a member of the Policing Board, has appealed for East Belfast’s older residents to be increasingly vigilant following the attack on a Larkfield Road pensioner. The two cowardly thugs who, under cover of darkness, (Thursday 30July) held a pensioner captive and ransacked her home deserve only contempt.

Robin Newton said,

“I was in Larkfield Road following this awful robbery. I can well understand the distressed state the victim was in and the concerns of other older residents about this shocking incident. The elderly victim’s physical injuries will heal but the psychological scars of such an ordeal are likely to remain with her.

Statistically crimes against older people are not high. However, the fear of being a crime victim is high among older generations. When there is an attack on an older person the concerns of others are heightened and they become more anxious.

Police advice not to allow anyone into your home without positive identification should be heeded; always check identification before allowing entry no matter how long it takes.

I know all dependable people across the east of the city will be concerned about this lady and older neighbours. The police need the help of the community to put these callous thugs behind bars before they strike against another defenceless victim. Those who may have even the smallest piece of information should call the police 101 number; it’s the duty of all of us to help in such circumstances."