‘Keeping Safe’ Initiative Should Involve Parents


East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed the lessons planned for children across 90 primary schools aimed at preventing and combating abuse. However, the Education Committee member called for a joined up approach, which includes schools and families working together.

Mr Newton said, 

“Parental involvement with schools is key to improving educational outcomes for our children. This is also the case for efforts such as this scheme to combat abuse.

The importance of keeping our children safe from abusers does cannot end at the classroom door. Lessons being delivered in the schools need to be reinforced and built upon within the home. Involving parents as the programmed is developed and delivered would build additional constructive contacts between school and family.  

Children are not always in danger from those they don’t know; statistics confirm abuse is often by those well known to the child.  

A joined up approach of school and family working together; to educate the child would surely deliver a more holistic and successful outcome. This would also enhance the knowledge and skills of the parents creating a safer overall family environment.  

The recent high-profile cases revealing children being abused for years have been characterised by a lack of coordination from the statutory authorities. This positive programme could set an example of working together with parents to achieve even greater success.”