Living Wage Increases Should Apply To Local Lidl Employees


ROBIN Newton East Belfast DUP MLA has expressed his disappointment at the decision of the LIDI supermarket group not to award a pay increase to living wage level to local employees.

Robin Newton said,

“I welcome the recent decision of the giant supermarket organisation to increase the hourly rate of employees in England, Scotland and Wales. However, I am angry that my East Belfast constituents who work for LIDL will not benefit from a living wage increase.

Those who work in East Belfast stores operate to the same standards as their fellow employees in GB and therefore deserve the same pay levels.

This decision by company senior management not to increase local hourly payments is obvious discrimination and is without good reason or rational. Employees in Northern Ireland are no different in their professionalism or loyalty to their employer and merit the same employment conditions.

The judgement of LIDL senior management must be challenged in the name of equality and justice. I have written to LIDL senior management of the matter seeking a change of the policy in favour of fairness for local staff.”