East Belfast Robbery A Despicable Act


East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton, a member of the Policing Board, has described the robbery of a woman in Grand Parade as a scandalous act carried out by cowardly thugs.

Robin Newton said,

"The three masked thugs who attacked a woman in her home stealing items that are precious to her deserve the condemnation of the entire community.

This is yet another such incident in the east of the city that seems to be a part of an emerging pattern. The criminals single out and. attack vulnerable victims who they know will be unable to put up a defence.

These thuggish criminal acts can leave the victims with the need for long term support. Those living around the crime scene can also feel isolated and vulnerable and will need assurances from the PSNI that all that can be done is being done to put the heartless criminals behind bars.

The PSNI need help and continuing support from the entire community to address these heinous crimes. Anyone with even a shred of information should make use of the police 101 number."