Newton Welcomes PSNI Action Against Fake Designer Goods


East Belfast MLA and Policing Board member Robin Newton has welcomed action taken by the police against those engaged in selling counterfeit designer goods. He said many shoppers will be tempted by what seems to be a bargain when fake designer goods are on offer. These fake goods marked as leading designer brands are often produced through child labour, misery and slavery.
The DUP MLA said,

“If shoppers support international counterfeiters who sell these seemingly cut-price bargains they can be adding to the misery of those who exist in slave-like conditions. There is evidence of the huge human cost associated with counterfeiting activity and the world-wide nature of the criminal gangs. This is not “Del-boy” type activity it is international crime gangs exploiting men, women and children for huge profits.
There is a high price being paid by those who are exploited as Northern Ireland’s bargain hunters do business with those who sell phoney goods. These include fake designer clothing, CDs, sports goods and handbags.
Innocent shoppers, or those who are prepared to turn a blind eye, are contributing to a huge global crime wave that is often directed from Far East sweat shops.
Purchasing fake designer goods contributes to the suffering of children and adults who are exploited by the unscrupulous gangs. These gangs will go to any length for limitless profits. All the evils of the counterfeiting industry are well documented and extreme violence and cruelty are commonplace.
In support of local retailers and manufacturers more needs to be done to place emphasis on stamping out the fake goods industry. The National Crime Agency along with the PSNI has a role in addressing this matter.”