Newton Raises Concerns Over Increase in Domestic Burglaries Against Older People


DUP Member of the Northern Ireland Policing Board, Robin Newton MLA has raised the increasing rate of domestic burglaries against older people. The MLA highlighted the issue at this month's meeting of the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

The East Belfast MLA said,

"Research has shown that when an older person falls victim to a domestic burglary they often fall into a spiral of decline in terms of health and well-being. Such crimes have a more devastating impact upon the elderly than other sectors of our society. It is imperative upon the PSNI to be tackling this scourge which has increased in recent times.  

There is growing speculation that this rise in domestic burglaries against older people is as a consequence of a gang who move from area to are targeting these vulnerable citizens. I hope these people are apprehended quickly before they can inflict any more harm upon our older people.  

In the meantime it is more important than ever that our older population remain vigilant and protect their property. If people have older neighbours, they should also do the same and report any suspicious activity to the police."