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Policing Board Member Welcomes Arrests for Illegal Labour

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East Belfast DUP MLA and Policing Board member Robin Newton has described the two Northern Ireland restaurants found to be making use of illegal labour as shameful exploitation of human beings.

 Mr Newton said,

"That two local takeaways are found to be exploiting Chinese and Somali labour as they serve the public is a disgusting way to make a profit.

Those involved in such illegal activity deserve to feel the full weight of the law. Not only do they exploit those entering the country to work illegally but they destroy community relationships with local people.

Illegally using and abusing vulnerable people is greatly resented by the vast majority of Northern Ireland's people who view the practice as repulsive.

The use of illegal labour also robs people of the opportunity to work, deprives the exchequer of money to fund vital public services and undermines businesses who are operating legitimately. I welcome the arrests and trust the courts will treat those found guilty of exploiting human beings as guilty of very serious criminal activity."

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