Corporation Tax Boost is One Piece in Jigsaw


East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton has welcomed the Assembly’s agreement A Fresh Start – Stormont Agreement and Implementation Plan to cut cooperation tax to 12.5%.

Mr Newton identified the need to develop and retain highly skilled talent within Northern Ireland and to develop our skills base in order to take full advantage of the lower cooperation tax decision.

Mr Newton said, “The reduction in Cooperation Tax will make Northern Ireland an increasingly attractive place to do business. However, to take full advantage of the tax reduction other Ministers need to step up to the mark in support of the change.

The quality of the environment, the improving social life, the developing infra-structure all contribute to Northern Ireland being a place to locate, recruit and do business.

However, the business needs of potential foreign direct investors for an applicably skilled and well educated employee base also needs to be addressed.

The Minister for the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) and the Minister for Education need strategies for the short, medium and longer-term development of a suitably skilled and educated labour force. The Further Education Colleges and our schools need to be aware of future employment trends, opportunities and prospective careers.

Cooperation tax is only one piece of the jigsaw. The other necessary pieces need to be matched up and pieced together if we are to gain full advantage of the cooperation tax game changing move.”