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Decision On East Belfast Schools Welcome

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East Belfast DUP MLA Robin Newton, a member of the Assembly's Education Committee, has welcomed the decision to remove the pupil numbers cap proposed for Strandtown Primary School. Many parents with children at the feeder schools of Belmont, Dundela and Greenwood seeking a place at Strandtown will breath a sigh of relief following this decision. There can be little more concerning for a responsible parent than the future of their child's education.

Robin Newton said,

"Strandtown Primary School is an excellent school with a great social mix of pupils. The Education Minister's threat to cap the enrolment numbers caused a great concern with parents who had children at either Belmont, Greenwood or Dundela infants schools. These schools act as feeder schools to Strandtown PS.

This decision, if implemented, would have resulted in a number of children not getting a place in Strandtown. With its excellent achievement record in many subject areas Strandtown PS is a school of parental choice.

Having met with the Principal of Strandtown P S and Dundela Infants plus.a number of parents I was convinced of the need to raise the matter within the Assembly. I was pleased when members of the Assembly's Education Committee joined with me in raising the matter with the Education Minister. I am pleased the Minister saw sense on the matter. The decision assures the future of the four schools and the next task is to see further financial investment to ensure even greater success for the future."

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